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How to Enjoy the Most Amazing Sexual Experiences and Deepest Intimate Connection With Your Mate Than Ever!

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Hello Dear One!

Do you want to ignite a love affair with your mate that will last the rest of your lives?

Well, you're in the right place.


If you're like many of the women I work with, you LOVE your man, but you're...

    concerned about the relationship tension and disconnection you feel because of your conflicting sexual and intimacy needs

    Longing for affection and physical touch...that doesn't always have to lead to sex

    Hopeful to get the spark back that's been missing from your relationship, but anxious because you're unsure where to begin

    "I'll teach you the secrets to awaken those

    AMAZING feelings of the Honeymoon Spirit™

    and ignite the love, passion, and intimacy

    you once knew..."


My passion is supporting women like you to...

      • Awaken your sensuality; make peace with your body
      • Feel authentically sexy and feminine from the inside
      • Boost your libido naturally
      • Restore youthful vitality and a radiant glow  
      • Become more orgasmic and delight in your sexuality...
        • ...more than you've ever dreamed possible!


    and in relationship with your partner to ...

      • Deepen your emotional connection and intimacy
      • Ignite sexual desire and passion
      • Nurture a healthy, beautiful sex life that's fun and deeply meaningful
      • Enjoy profound lovemaking experiences on the level of body, heart, and soul

Whether you have found yourself in a sexless marriage or just want to take things to the next level, together you can create an AMAZING LOVE LIFE and enjoy renewed emotional devotion, passion, and intimacy that will fuel your mutual magnetism and desire for one another...for the rest of your lives!

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Heartfelt Wishes for Abundant Love and Fulfillment,

Jan Robinson,
Your Relationship and Sexual Intimacy Mentor


ckage! ($197)

“John says he feels more

in love with me now
than on the day we



Darcie and John Swanson
Truckee, CA


"Friends have told us it’s so hard to have

passion after you’ve been together for years

and have fallen into a rut. But it’s not!

You just need the right tools.

Before we worked with Jan, John and I were at a crossroads. We'd been together for 17 years and sometimes, my eyes would wander towards other men wondering if they could fulfill me in the way I desired.

After we worked with Jan, sex and love have really come together for us in true lovemaking."


"I'm so thankful to be feeling
so close and connected again."

Camille and Mike McInerney
Incline Village, NV


"When we look around at our friends, we see

a lot of relationships on the rocks.
A couple of years ago Mike and I
were headed down that same path.

After 24 years of marriage,

there was something missing.


Jan helped us to get back that missing spark.

The work we did with Jan brought

us together in new ways.

We now enjoy more satisfying sex

than when we were young.

Since learning how to increase and circulate

my sexual energy, I feel I've discovered

the true fountain of youth!
I feel revitalized."



“Absolutely mind-blowing!
We reached a whole new



Amy and Dan Goggiano
Carson City, NV


"Our lives are SO hectic.

We felt like we were always having to rush,

whether it was getting dinner ready, taking

care of the kids, or making love. When we

did make love, I felt I was having to get to

a finish line, to rush toward orgasm instead

of enjoying the journey.

After working with Jan, sex is the best it has

ever been! There is a lot of passion now

and a very deep and intimate connection. It

feels like we are not just making love with

our bodies, but with our souls.”



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